R&D Support

"When you deploy our special unit to generate the comprehensive competitive intelligence you require in support of your research and development initiatives, you gain the depth, breadth and value that only targeted, carefully tailored research and analysis geared to your own specifications can provide.

Our commitment to primary research sets us apart

General market research can only give you a general understanding of the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. Octopus CI's commercial intelligence completes the picture with:

  • Specific, relevant information about competing companies and comparable products or technologies, garnered from primary sources worldwide;
  • one hundred percent legal, ethical, and incisive research utilizing not only critical databases but Octopus CI's unique emphasis on primary research;
  • in-depth analysis and insights from your competitive intelligence experts at Octopus CI.

The bottom line is simply this: Octopus CI has the creativity and flexibility to adhere to the most demanding specifications to get the information you need, anywhere in the world.

As required, we can also conduct the background checks you may need on potential investors, to ensure that they are the right fit for your firm, and to thoroughly prepare you for a face to face meeting with them.

When you require acquisitions to support your development processes, we can manage the complexities of acquisition and international trading for you. Octopus CI's comprehensive research and quality intelligence will go well beyond simple acquisition to identify the best product from the best manufacturer at the best price that meets your technical specifications.

Because Octopus CI is a uniquely client-centered and client-directed boutique service provider, the R&D Support services we deliver will vary to provide targeted solutions to each client

  • Regulatory research
  • International trade risks and opportunities
  • The competitive and commercial intelligence you need for your R&D Support

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