Litigation Support

Great attorneys make for great legal outcomes, as long as they have the agile, comprehensive litigation support and strategic intelligence to position them to win - in negotiations and in court. The stakes are high in complex legal matters, and failure can mean anything from prosecution to huge losses of profits, reputation, or both.

When confronting such risks, your business and your attorneys need every bit of relevant information that can be uncovered - anywhere in the world - in order to gain a competitive advantage and secure a favorable outcome.

Your Octopus CI special unit is uniquely positioned to deliver just that, for any legal need:

  • Collecting Evidence
  • Identifying Pressure Points
  • Informing Strategy

Our commitment to primary, person-to-person research is what sets us apart

Our signature commitment to primary research - identifying, locating, and meeting face-to-face with every critically important human source worldwide -- goes deeper and reaches beyond the databases to ensure that your legal team has world-class strategic intelligence.

  • We will go anywhere in the world to gather the insight and evidence you need to prevail.
  • We will locate each and every relevant entity and retrieve any information you need to win your case.
  • And then we go further still, with analysis of the information that arms your legal team to develop winning strategies for any challenges they face.
  • We will ensure that the information collected will be admissible in a court of law, drawing on our expertise and creative thinking in gathering evidence and securing legitimate depositions from relevant sources.

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