Due Diligence

In today's complex business environment, you may find your company is faced with a wide range of risk-laden transactions that demand the highest level of due diligence. A standard formal assessment is simply inadequate to mitigate risk when you're entering into a high-stakes transaction such as a collaboration with another business, an acquisition, or the extension of significant credit.

These transactions and others require the top-quality commercial intelligence Octopus CI provides

Our researchers and analysts will conduct in-depth research in the large-scale databases the competitive intelligence field has learned to mine, but will also dig deeper, giving you the benefit - and the enhanced protections - of Octopus CI's unique commitment to primary research and on-the-ground market intelligence.

We will go straight to the sources and speak directly with all of the parties who collectively can provide a 360-degree view of the businesses and individuals you need to assess in order reach critical decisions with minimal risk.

Our commitment to primary research sets us apart

We will gather important information from customers, vendors, competitors, and any other source that can help us create an accurate and comprehensive picture.

As a uniquely client-centered commercial intelligence boutique providing customized services crafted to your specifications, Octopus CI can also use its expertise to gather information on the key people behind the company in question, and not just the corporate entity. Those who run the company, after all, both represent and create the character of the company.

Finally, we will deliver to you a comprehensive report that provides the information you need to make the best decision.

Contact us to learn how Octopus CI can minimize your risk and maximize your opportunity when the stakes are high.