Competitive Intelligence

The complexities and uncertainties of today's business environment make it essential that your business has the benefit of comprehensive, insightful competitive intelligence about a key competitor in order to help guide each and every major business decision.

On the ground and face-to-face

We offer you an exceptional level of commercial intelligence that reaches far beyond general market research and digs much deeper than the competitor-specific database research that the CI field is best known for. As a boutique style competitive intelligence service that places on-the-ground primary research at the center of each assignment we undertake, we at Octopus CI gather relevant information directly from each and every key resource. Our process is comprehensive: we conduct in-depth research from databases and other sources, and then identify and connect with the precise individuals who can give us the information you require regarding the competitor in question.

And we work closely with you to tailor our services to your specifications and needs

Your Octopus CI special unit has the experience and expertise to identify, reach, and gather important information - legally and ethically - from every entity that can inform your planning and decision-making.

After our comprehensive research, our expert analysts deliver to you a sophisticated and insightful report that will be an essential tool that will enable your business to prosper in the highly competitive commercial environment.

Contact us now to learn how Octopus CI can help your business thrive.