Business Development Support

When the time comes to launch your product, establish your brand, or move your company into a new market - or even a new country - the time has come, too, to put Octopus CI's customized, boutique market intelligence services to work for you. Each assignment we undertake is designed and conducted to the specifications of each client, drawing on the wide-ranging expertise of our accomplished professionals.

Our commitment to primary research sets us apart

What distinguishes Octopus CI in the field of business development support is that every step of the way we rely on the high quality intelligence our operatives provide. Our experts not only draw on the most credible and fruitful databases in pursuing the information you need, but they also dig deep to perform the extensive primary research that distinguishes Octopus CI in the competitive intelligence field. On the ground and anywhere in the world.

And we know how to put that information to work for you. No matter where in the world you wish to make your move, we have the knowledge and ability to learn the business landscape quickly, efficiently, and productively to advance your objectives.

  • We will identify and evaluate your potential competition.
  • We will research the regulations you will need to adhere to. We will research your potential customers, and connect with your potential vendors.
  • We will consult with marketing experts to zero in on the best time to launch your product.
  • And our operatives in the field will consult with key local individuals who live and breathe the market you're targeting, people who can shed more light on your specific matter.

Whether your goal is developing a new market, increasing penetration in an existing one, or introducing a new product, Octopus CI can help you negotiate the risks and develop a marketing strategy to pursue the rewards your business development opportunity offers.

Contact us to take your next step toward your next prosperous market.