We specialize in obtaining key information from primary sources.

In the field of competitive intelligence, Octopus CI is a special unit consisting of highly trained and impeccably professional former intelligence officers of the Israel Defense Forces, as well as financial advisers, attorneys, analysts, and senior strategic consultants - all coming together to deliver world-class intelligence and analysis for our clients.

In pursuing this mission for each business we serve, we work to each client's specifications to design and implement tailored intelligence solutions built on a framework of comprehensive research utilizing sophisticated databases, published information, and search engines, but extending far beyond that into the distinctive, primary human research that sets Octopus CI apart.

With tentacles that reach anywhere in the world the assignment requires, we dig deep. We specialize in finding and collecting the needed intelligence directly from the people who have the information we require, wherever they may be.

We bring world-class training, professional excellence, exemplary integrity and endless creativity to serve our client's very specific competitive intelligence needs.