We believe in thorough on-the-ground fieldwork.

Count on our tentacles to reach across the globe and find the competitive intelligence you need.

We dig deep for critical information.

Primary research is our specialty. Our team of highly trained former officers from the IDF's elite Intelligence Units will reach any location across the globe and use the most creative methods to identify and meet face-to-face with every key human source, including customers, vendors and competitors. This signature in-depth fieldwork initially utilizes sources such as databases, articles, and search engines, which informs our on-the-ground operation.

Committed to meeting your precise specifications, we provide exceptional Competitive Intelligence, Litigation Support, R&D Support, Due Diligence and Business Development Support services that have proven to be invaluable for those looking to navigate hazards, anticipate market challenges, inform major business decisions and compete successfully in today's uncertain and rapidly changing environment.

While our offices are strategically located in Europe and Israel, many of our clients conduct business in developing countries in the Far East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Over the years, we've come to specialize in serving our clients in these diverse locations and environments as well, and are able to offer our unique commercial intelligence research and fieldwork, worldwide.

Why Choose Octopus CI?

  • Our team is made up of former Israeli intelligence officers, as well as attorneys, financial analysts, and senior consultants, all distinguished by the state of the art training and expertise they bring to the business intelligence world.
  • We are committed to the most thorough primary research. We go way beyond the databases, going into the field, talking directly to clients, vendors, customers, competitors, and anyone else who can offer information you need.
  • We can work anywhere in the world, including the most challenging locations.
  • We tailor each assignment to your exact needs and specifications - and remain in close contact with you throughout.
  • No issue is too complex. We think creatively and proactively, and will find a productive solution to any problem.
  • Our comprehensive report to you not only provides extensive commercial intelligence, but also incorporates in-depth information that supports your planning and decision-making.

If your company needs:

  • a keen understanding of your competition to gain a competitive advantage;
  • knowledge to respond efficiently and effectively to crisis situations;
  • information to guide and shape your business plan;
  • information to help you promote your company's R&D;
  • information to help you win the legal battle you're in;
  • information to help you make the best decision before providing credit, acquiring a company or going through with a merger;
  • commercial intelligence to help you enter a new market and adapt to it in the best way possible,

...you're more than welcome to get in touch.